Music Consulting

Music Consulting

Take Your Music Career To The Next Level !

We are involved in a partnership with US major music consulting companies and Record Companies.

For a period of 6 months they will 

  • Advise you
  • Discharge time-consuming tasks
  • Help you structure your approach
  • Optimize your communication
  • Boost your dissemination
  • Increase your visibility
  • Attract the interest of professionals

Intervention: Music consulting, strategy development, definition of objectives and an action plan, image and positioning, organization, editorial, communication, networking, help with booking,  fan base development, direct-to-fan, monetization …
We put at your service our knowledge of the musical industry, its actors and practices (for over 30 years), our communication skills, expertise in the environment (music economics, legal frameworks, contracts …) and artists’ development issues in the context of today.

Our goal: to advance your project faster and further, to give you the keys to progress in your efforts.

Contract of support package for 6 months. Invoiced  $999/Month instead of $1500 per month , promo code : Editions L.A.




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