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Anissa Sutton


At Editions L.A., we take pride in our ability to craft and execute successful digital marketing campaigns that shine a spotlight on your projects and products. Led by Anissa Sutton, our team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, ensuring that your brand receives the attention it deserves. Through strategic planning, creative content creation, and targeted advertising, we leverage the power of digital platforms to present your products in the best light possible. With a keen understanding of industry trends and consumer behavior, we tailor our marketing efforts to maximize visibility and engagement, helping you achieve your business objectives with confidence.

One of our most popular offerings is Pump It Up Magazine, a valuable resource for anyone looking to take control of their career and achieve success. We provide valuable resources, advice, and support to help individuals navigate their chosen field and make informed decisions (Top Tips Section) .

Our motto is “Reach For The Stars While Standing on Earth!”

In addition to the magazine, we also offer bilingual writing services and professional writing services to help businesses, bands, and brands with their projects. Our team of experienced translators and writers can handle a wide range of writing needs, from business letters and emails, to sales pitches and proposals.

And for those looking to improve their French language skills, we have an extensive collection of bilingual print, digital, audio books, and videos that make learning French simple and enjoyable ( Our materials are designed to provide a comprehensive and interactive approach to mastering the language, catering to beginners and intermediate learners alike.

We also provide branding, graphic and web design services to help you be seen and noticed by the right target audience. Our team of experts can help you create a brand image and online presence that accurately represents your business and its goals.

At Editions L.A., we believe in empowering individuals and businesses to reach their full potential.

Whether you’re looking to achieve success in your chosen field, learn French, or take your business to the next level, we are here to help you Pump up Your Life!

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